Our certifications and respect of the Environment

We really care about the Environment, and we want to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing to the minimum; therefore, we chose to employ olio di oliva extravergine biologico (organic extra virgin olive oil) only for our products. This oil is coming from pesticide and chemicals-free, controlled growings.

We are proud to offer a line of products certified by Ecogruppo Italia.

Our high level of Quality and of respect of the Environment make us proud of the Bureau Veritas and Rina certifications we received, as regards the BRC-Global Standard For Food Safety Ed. 6 (A Level) and IFS Food (Vers. 6, High Level) standards.

We DO NOT employ GM foods, and we are Friend Of The Sea certified.

We produce Kosher food, according to the Kashrut precepts.

We are authorized to import to Russia, since February, 9, 2001.

In the full respect of the hygienic and sanitary norms and laws, of the HACCP system, our company has got its own internal Laboratory forQuality Check, and collaborates with the Stazione Sperimentale di Parma and with dedicated associations such as Associazione Nazionale Conservieri Ittici e delle Tonnare (ANCIT) and Associazione Italiana Prodotti Alimentary (AIIPA).

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