Since 1979, on the Italian market

In the 1950s, Francesco Serio founded the “Serio” firm as a salted anchovy manufacturing and conserving company. In 1979, in order to satisfy the growing market, the Serios teamed with Rosario Cascio, and established a society, the actual “Pesce Azzurro Cefalù S.r.l.”.

Today, the company is a leading one in the Italian preserved fish market.

In the beginning, we produced local salted anchovies and sardines (the so-called pesce azzurro) only, providing the supplies for the biggest Italian marks. In the 1980s, we considerably enlarged the array of our products, such as our signature anchovy fillet in oil, now available in different commercial sizes.

All the products of our company, whose factory is placed near the fishing port of Cefalù, Sicily (70 Kms from Palermo), are strictly and genuinely handmade. They are realized by specialized and expert craftsmen, following the ancient Sicilian traditions and rules, which were handed on from father to son within the families of the local fishermen, in order to preserve the perfume and the taste of the original Mediterranean recipes.

In 2004, the company has acquired a second plant in Cefalù, specifically dedicated to the production of pickled and smoked fish delicacies