Worked fish the traditional way

The “Pesce Azzurro Cefalù S.r.l.”, established in 1979, is today a leading company in the Italian preserved fish market.

Today, we export our products all over the world: Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus, Israel, Germany, Holland, and Malta. 

Besides being on the market with our own lines and marks, such as “Antica Lavorazione Artigiana”, “Refiletto”, “Consorzio Conserviero Siciliano”, “Mari del Sud”, we make products up for “D.O.” (Organized Distribution of Goods) and “G.D.O.” (Great Organized Distribution of Goods) marks such as Bennet, Billa, Carrefour, Consilia, Coop Svizzera, Crai, Despar, Fior di Spesa, GS, Il Gigante, L’Isola D’oro, Maruzzella, Metro-Italia, Horeca Select, Migross, Mondo Natura, Nostromo, Sidis, Sigma, Sma, Terre d’Italia, and Viaggiator Goloso.

Our rich array of products includes different formats and sizes of jars and cans of anchovies, anchovy paste, tuna (in brine and in oil), tuna botargo (salted, cured tuna roe), tuna stuffed chillies and olives, clams and mussels (in brine and in oil), mackerel in oil, ready-to-eat fish sauces, stuffed sardines (the typical, so-called sarde a beccafico), fish roulades, lumpfish and capelin roe.

After the acquirement of a second factory, we can now produce pickled (anchovies, sardines pieces, seafood salad, octopus) and smoked fish (salmon, tuna, swordfish) too.

The making of all these products is guided by just one principle: Quality. We seek Quality in every phase of the process, in every element of our work, from the choice of the bestraw materials, to the scrupulous checks we do in the manufacturing.  

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